Citizens of Puppyland

Citizens of Puppyland
Ink on paper
5.5″ x 8.5″

At this time I was mostly doing music/noise, but I kept on cartooning in my sketchbooks. This one is a diagram of members and associates of Skinny Puppy, drawn for a friend of mine who couldn’t keep them all straight as to who was who and who worked with who and who hates who.

It’s mean, but I don’t think it’s inaccurate based on my personal experiences. Had this been from a more prolific year like 2007 or 2016, I wouldn’t post it, but being that it’s one of the few bits of visual art I did in 2011, and being that I still giggle every time I see it, I figured I’d throw it in here.

Also, most of the other sketchbook cartooning I did in 2011-2012 would get me punched in the face still if I posted it, so…

PS: I should say about Mark Walk that it’s not his fault new Skinny Puppy sucks. Truth be told, so did old Skinny Puppy. So he’s no less “not up to the task” than anyone else who’s had to make heads or tails of what the Kevins make. Garbage in, garbage out.

(You can sure tell that in the years since I was making industrial music I’ve reverted back to preferring actual rock music that’s actually, y’know, musical… to pretend to be fair and balanced, I know people who think the newer Skinny Puppy albums are the most brilliant things ever recorded. They’re wrong, of course, but those opinions are out there.)